Indoor Video Walls

Stand out in Vivid Clarity with a High-Impact LED Video Wall Rental Display Screen System

From premium technologies to affordable value line products HD LED Video Wall Rentals can put together the right solution for your needs and your budget! HD LED Video Wall Rentals is a fully developed area of specialization by Excel Presentation Services, Inc. It is just one part of a much larger set of solutions we offer to help our clientele deliver connective and rewarding experiences that guests and attendees will love and remember.

  • LED Screen rental displays for Exhibit Booths – simple to complex integrations
  • LCD / LED Video Wall Rental Solutions
  • LED Rental Solutions for Tradeshow Exhibitions
  • LED Display Rental solutions for Corporate Events
  • LED Display screen video wall rental for Weddings and personal events
  • From indoor fine pitch UHD LED Visual display screens to intense high impact outdoor LED

Contact the Orlando specialists in LED video wall display screen rental and put our experience to work for you. We will help you design, integrate and take care of programming a winning solution every time! Request a quote today to deliver a fresh new experience at your next event!

Indoor HD LED Wall Rental Options


Day Time Outdoor Use – An LED wall is the Only effective choice for displaying visual content at outdoor events during day time as no other video solution will be bright enough to overcome sunlight. For example, LED wall rentals used for sporting events can display live feeds, video ads and brand images throughout an event. These types of event rentals commonly use larger mm pitch LED panels from 5mm - 25mm that generally range from 5000 - 10000 NITs brightness in LED Video Wall rental systems.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental Options


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